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How do the domestic energy suppliers compare on complaint handling?1

January - March 2012

Supplier Rating Change
Scottish and Southern Energy 5 5* No Change
British Gas 4 4* No Change
ScottishPower 4* Up 1
E.ON 3* No Change
npower 3* No Change
EDF Energy 0* No Change

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  1. Consumer Focus has created a proxy for performance based on the number of consumers that have contacted an independent organisation for advice or support with an energy problem. The companies have been ranked on the number of customer contacts to Consumer Direct, Consumer Focus and the Energy Ombudsman in relation to their market share during the last quarter.
  2. The different types of complaint have been weighted to reflect the seriousness of the complaint and the time and effort spent by the consumer to get their problem resolved. Click on the methodology tab to see full details of the model.
  3. 5 stars indicates best performing companies, 0 stars indicates worst performing companies
  4. Includes Scottish Gas
  5. Includes Atlantic, Scottish Hydro Electric, Southern Electric, SWALEC
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